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Panorama-abundant ‘perch’ with unlimited charm.

Warth am Arlberg is in an idyllic location nestling at 1500 metres, set amid an impressive mountain panorama.
At 1500 metres, Warth is the highest town in Vorarlberg. Summer and winter alike the character of Wals, a former mountain village, is palpable; it was settled by the Wals from Switzerland in the 14th century.

Due to its location, in winter Warth enjoys a direct connection with the Ski area and village runs go almost right past the hotel doorstep. In summer Warth is an ideal starting point for all kinds of hikes and mountain tours.

The Steffisalp Express is open in summer and takes you in comfort into the hiking area.

Fantastic hotels, the charming ambience you get from private landlords and traditional, cosy bars characterise the town and make it a popular excursion destination for all age groups.

Did you know?

  • The little mountain village of Warth is the highest town in Vorarlberg.
  • The town of Warth is on the border of the federal state of Tirol.
  • In 1894 Pastor Johann Müller made his way from Warth to Lech on skis for the first time.
  • The well-known ‘Lechweg’ long-distance hiking route - on a high plateau - proceeds through the village.
  • On the Hochtannberg pass is located on the main European watershed.
  • Warth's local mountain, the Biberkopf, is also the southernmost border point of Germany.

Upon the construction of the first ski lift in the middle of the 1960s and extension work to the main road, tourism experienced a continuous upsurge, that has lasted until this day. In spite of great developments in tourism, Wals’ character as a former mountain farming village has been retained. Together with Hochkrumbach, in Warth today, there are 168 inhabitants who live there year-round. Fantastic hotels - including five 4**** and two 4**** - are predominantly family-run businesses, now in their second and third generation.

Read more here about the history of skiing in Warth.

Read more here about the history of skiing in Warth.


Ski-in / Ski-out in Warth-Schröcken.

Ski-in / Ski-out in Warth-Schröcken.

Lots of the accommodation available is located right at the piste. With Dorfbahn Warth and the village runs in Schröcken and Warth, guaranteed snow on the Arlberg provides even more ski comfort!


360° image - Get an initial overview of Warth.

Impressions winter.

Impressions summer.

Likelihood of triggering
Triggering is possible, even from low additional loads, particularly on the indicated steep slopes (steeper than about 30 degrees). In certain situations some large, and in isolated cases very large natural avalanches are possible.

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Warth Schroecken