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The Braunarl (2649m), the highest mountain in Bregenzerwald and our ‘landmark’ Widderstein (2533m) along with the Biberkopf (2599m) are just three of the impressive mountains around Warth-Schröcken.

There is a variety-packed programme each week, with guided hikes and mountain tours to our mountain classics. For anyone who likes to be accompanied while hiking, heading out with our experienced hiking and mountain guides on guided tours is just the ticket, and in so doing, they will also get plenty of insider tips about the region and stay safe.

Experience the classic mountains around Warth-Schröcken, head out in the footsteps of the Walser and enjoy the wonderful colours during a sunrise or sunset tour. And who knows, you might even come across a few ibex or Edelweiss?

And the best thing about it: With our Inclusive Cards you get to take part in guided tours and mountain tours free of charge and can even use the Wanderbus service and cable cars free too!

Inclusive cards.

Inclusive cards.

Inclusive cards as your ticket to adventure on the mountains! Travel conveniently and in comfort up to the dizzy heights with the cable cars in Warth, Lech and Bregenz forest! All the information can be found here.

  • Hiking in Warth-Schröcken

  • Walser settlement of Bürstegg

  • On the ridge, heading to the Widderstein summit cross

  • Guided mountain tour with views to Hochkrumbach

Sunrise and sunset tour.

Sunset tour Höferspitze 2131 m.

The Highlight of a beautiful mountain day in Warth-Schröcken – the sunset tour to the Höferspitze. We start the moderate tour at the Hochtannbergpass. Opposite the bus stop Hotel Adler we follow the trample path in a zigzag uphill. Slightly to the right of us we see the mighty Widderstein, while the path leads us over extensive hills to the ridge. As we get closer and closer to the summit cross, we can’t get enough of the countless different flowers and bushes and the many colors of the nature. At the summit, the incredible spectacle of colours in the sky and the setting sun on the horizon makes us stop breathing and recharge our batteries. The last ray of sunlight flashes again briefly, before we put on our headlamps and go on the way back.

Sunrise tour Warther Horn 2256 m.

Everybody ready for a very special experience? Then headlamps on and let’s go! We start the moderate mountain tour at the parking lot Steffisalp-Express and follow the freight path below the railway uphill. Arriving at the mountain station, we hike through dewy meadows along the signposted hiking trail in the direction Warther Horn. At the Warther Horn saddle, we keep left and reach the summit in a few minutes. The sky has already turned slightly orange before the sun rises slowly and the first rays flash. As we observe the spectacle of nature, a feeling of fascination and freedom flows through us. We feel how our body fills with life force and breathe in the fresh air deeply. Descent on the same route or with the Steffisalp-Express (open from 09.00 am).

Herbs with all senses.

“Herbs with all senses” with Veronika Walch.

You spend you holydays in a natural paradise! Countless herbs and valuable plants grow here. Veronika Walch, herb specialist from Lech, accompanies you on the hike “Herbs with all senses” and dives with you into the herb world of Warth-Schröcken. During the walk through the wonderful mountain landscape, the expert makes you an “herb professional”. You will get to know many different herbs, their effects and the influence on our soul with the integration of the five senses. Furthermore, she tells you delicious recipes and tips for herbal cuisine. The hike starts at the Hochtannbergpass, leads uphill to the Salobersattel and through the untouched “Alpengarten” to the most beautiful place in Austria – the Körbersee. After a stopover or a snack in the lush greet, you pass the Kalbelesee lake and return to the Hochtannbergpass.

In case of bad weather, you can look forward to an alternative program in the Kräuterwerkstatt Lech!

Mountain tours.

Biberkopf mountain tour 2599 m.

Let’s start in Lechleiten at approx. 1.500 m. At the beginning of the mountain tour, we follow the hiking path uphill over lush green fields and flowering meadows. After a short walk, the path becomes much narrower and leads us a little closer to the summit in a zigzag. Meanwhile, we are already beyond the tree line in a large hollow, where we can truly enjoy a postcard view. We continue our hike and soon come to a pure rocky landscape, which is partly secured with steel ropes. While we climb up and do some climbing passages, full concentration, surefootedness and vertigo are required. Having reached the ridge, the mighty summit cross is reached in a few minutes. We breathe deeply into the foresight at the summit and feel pure happiness at the summit. Retour at the same way.

Widderstein mountain tour 2533 m.

We start our mountain tour at the Hochtannbergpass at 1.676 m altitude. Thus, 857 vertical meters are ahead of us. The trail leads between wild flowers and fresh alpine herbs in the direction of Widdersteinhütte. Shortly before the hut we turn left to get to the rock entrance. From here we follow the markings on the rock, master a few climbing passages until we reach the summit ridge. Now we go, partly exposed, in a few minutes to the summit cross, where we are rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view. We breathe and enjoy the fresh mountain air before we head back. The descent is either on the same route or via the Hochalppass back to the Hochtannbergpass.

Rote Wand mountain tour 2704 m.

The Rote Wand is the second highest mountain in the Lechquellengebirge and stands out due its striking summit construction and red limestone. Together we drive by car to the Zugertal to the parking lot near Formarinsee. From here, we go up via the south-facing grassy slopes to the Schwarzen Furka and on to the Oberer Sättele. Surrounded by red limestone, we pass a few easy climbing spots and climb higher and higher via the northern ridge. At the partly exposed and narrow summit ridge, full concentration is required. The summit cross is already in the immediate vicinity, before we master the las ascent to 2.704 m. At the summit, we are rewarded with a magnificent 360° panorama. Also the view to our starting point, the Formarinsee, makes our heart beat faster. Descent on the same route.

Braunarlspitze mountain tour 2649 m.

Let’s go! On the highest mountain in the Bregenzerwald – the Braunarlspitze. We start the challenging and long mountain tour in Schröcken-Heimboden. At the beginning, we follow the goods path to the right of the Hotel Mohnenfluh to the Fellealpe and then continue along the narrowing footpath. When crossing some narrow mountain streams we can cool our arms a bit. After approx. 1,5 h walk, we follow the sign for Fürggele. Before the rock entrance, we enjoy the view to the Hochberg in front of us. The hiking poles are now stored in the backpack, from now we need both hands free to move up the partly rope-secured rock. After some exposed places, the las piece leads us over loose slate rock. It’s done! We stand at the summit cross and watch blissfully the spectacle of the clouds in the wind. Then we descent south to the Butzensee. Already from a distance we see the blue mountain lake with the massive Mohnenfluh summit in the background – a sight that remains in memory! Via the Jägersteig we hike back to the Fellealpe and back to the starting point.

Zitterklapfen mountain tour 2403 m.

Early in the morning, we start the challenging and long mountain tour on the Zitterklapfen. For the first part of the tour, we use the organized transfer to the Vorsäß Boden. From here, we follow the goods trail to the Annalperaualpe before the mountain trail leads us uphill to the sources of the Dürrenbach. Now we pass the Steinkare, which is covered with snow until the summer and have already arrived at the rock entrance. Via the east nick, we climb the partly rope-secured rock up to the 2-kilometer long summit ridge. On the rugged and exposed ridge, vertigo and surefootedness is an absolute must, while we take careful steps to the summit cross. The view at the summit is unique and let us feel vastness and a feeling of lightheartedness. Descent on the same route to the village center in Au.

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